Overseas Cultural Promotion Agency Introductory Video 해외문화홍보원 기관 소개 영상


Overseas Cultural Promotion Agency Introductory Video 해외문화홍보원 기관 소개 영상

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한국을 해외에 알리고 해외 문화와의 소통 접점에 있는 해외문화홍보원의 주요 임무 및 재외 한국문화원의 핵심 역할 등을 소개하기 위해 2016년 제작한 영문 버전 영상입니다.
Putting our best foot forward, we show the world Korea’s true beauty. As with everything, it started with something small. Keeping “Korea” close to the hearts of people across the world… this is what we do. Korea, and how it moves us within … is something we’re proud to be a part of.
Promoting & Exchanging Korean Cultural Values with the World
Korean Cultureal Centers across
the world embrace both Korean and globla cultures
Korean Cultural Centers and Information Officers (a/o 2016)
Korean Cultural Centers : 31 centers 27 countries

Culture and Information Officers : 10 officers, 8 countries
Cultural Exchang (Taekwondo, K-pop, etc)
Promotion of Korean Culture
Some of us imagine a picture of Korea within ourselves, and in that landscape a beautiful flower blossoms; it is in that moment that we truly exist. Through means of communication and personal exchange, these flowers spread their seeds across the globe, as Korea blossoms further and stirs others deep within.
Production & Promotion of Contents Introducing Korea
Global promotion of video and publication about Korea
Global contents contest involving the entire world
Korea.net (PR website for Korea)
Online promotion about Korea
And Some of us dream of Korea, dreams of happy moments… and it is for these moments we exist. Though we may be far apart, our hearts are always within reach. Korea will always embrace you, like a true friend.
Introducing the world to Korea’s true self
Appropriate response to inaccurate information regarding
Inviting for foreign press, support for roreing correspondents
Showing the world Korea’s true self, all its charms, in all its honesty; the moment you get to know the real Korea, and fall in love with the country… it is for this moment we truly exist.
A seed for Korea, touching the hearts of millions worldwide. This is who we are. 

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